Ice and Fire: A Love Story

                                     Ice and Fire: A Love Story

By: Ananya Maram

Winter held out her hands and focused on the tree in front of her. She closed her eyes, and zapped out frost from her hands. The frost shot out and wrapped around the tree, enveloping it in total frost. Winter clapped and squealed. She jumped up and down and turned around to face her teacher, Mr. Freeze. 

Mr. Freeze nodded his head and rubbed his chin. “Well done, Miss Winter. Try harder next time. I want to see you freeze the whole tree with frost, not just one part of the tree. Class dismissed. See you next Thursday.”

Winter smiled and threw her bottle in her bag and heaved it around her shoulder. She opened the fence door and waited at the bus stop. She pulled out her phone and opened her chat.

Her friends were texting madly about boys and school. Winter quickly texted that she was in class and couldn’t read the texts. Her friends laughed and continued texting. The bus soon pulled up, and Winter boarded. She sat in her favorite window seat, near the front, where she had a view of the whole bus.

Winter took out her math book and opened the homework sheet on her phone. While she was working, the bus stopped and a boy entered the bus and sat across from Winter. The boy shot a glance at Winter, then slid into the seat next to her.

“Psst! Hey, can you help me with my homework?” the boy asked.

Winter blindly raised her head, and almost yelped with fright. She swatted her book in his face and scooted closer to the window.

The boy pushed the book aside and frowned. “Hey! Why’d you hit me?”

Winter blushed and dropped her books in her bag. The boy smiled and grabbed his own books. He flipped the pages until he found his problem. The boy handed the book over to Winter, and she told him how to solve the problem.

The boy thanked Winter and returned his books to his backpack. He threw is over his shoulders and smiled at Winter. 

“I’m Blaze. Thanks for helping me. What’s your name?” the boy asked.

“Winter. And you're welcome.” Winter replied. She called out to the driver and got off the bus. Surprisingly, Blaze also got off at the same stop.

Blaze greeted her while she was walking. “Hey, I didn’t you were on the same street,”

Winter laughed. “I live just a few blocks from the bus stop. Over there.” She pointed far from the stop to a few houses bundled together.

“Oh my gosh. Seriously? I live there too! Just across from you!” Blaze replied, mouth open wide.

Winter’s eyes opened. “Really? Wow. Cool. Awesome.”

Blaze laughed, and Winter laughed with him. Winter’s crush on Blaze grew stronger and stronger each school day. After a few months after they had met, Blaze and Winter came closer and closer. One day, Blaze finally got the chance to show Winter something. So did Winter.

Winter met Blaze after school in their neighborhood park. Blaze brought a few tulips, and Winter blushed. She took them happily, and hugged Blaze.

“Ok, i wanted to show you something really cool. I know we’ve been together for so much months, so here’s my biggest secret.” Blaze declared. He looked at a tree branch on the floor, thrusted his hand out, and a blast of flame shot out. The branch caught on fire. Winter smiled and put out the fire with her icy powers.

“You have powers too?” Blaze asked, amazed.

“Yeah. There’s a reason why my name is Winter. I knew you had powers the moment I knew your name. It’s just a lucky find, I guess.” Winter responded, laughing.

At that moment, Winter’s phone dinged. So did Blaze’s. They both took out their phones and had the same text message from their chat.

“You’re in the group chat!?” Winter exclaimed. 

“You’re in the group chat!?” Blaze exclaimed at the same time.

They both laughed and Winter and Blaze both responded that they love each other. Winter’s friends were sending heart emojis and surprised emojis as they were congratulating Winter. Blaze’s boy friends were also doing the same on his side. 

Blaze cleared his throat and unzipped his jacket. He fanned himself and leaned down on one knee. Winter gasped. Blaze took out a fire and icy ring and held it out to Winter.

“Will you marry me, Winter?” Blaze asked. Winter nodded.

“Yes, of course, definitely!”

Blaze slipped one ring onto Winter’s finger, and Winter slipped a ring onto Blaze’s finger. The ring’s adjusted with the season and changed into fire and ice. Blaze kissed Winter and hugged. Winter and Blaze then left the park hand in hand.