Fear: How fear is a person

Everyone knows bears are scary. Maybe a creepy clown in the night. Or a zombie that is about to eat you. All these things are scary, and you might know to only defend one out of all the fears you have. This story I’m about to tell you is basically about the word fear.

When you want to do sky bungee jumping in Canada, the first feeling of fear that will come to you is, I’m going to fall off. Don’t you think? Falling off a bridge, above a river, even though you are securely strapped to your harness, isn’t it the first feeling you get? But you know that’s not going to happen because they wouldn’t even open that bungee jumping if it’s not safe, right? All you have to do is jump off and let the springy harness do the rest. It’s simple. Fear is a person that sometimes controls you without you noticing. Fear is everywhere. Brain, air, in people. Yes, fear can be in people, waiting to transfer it to another person by telling him/her something frightful.

When fear controls you, you can never let it pass. You always think that fear can be gone if you are brave. But that only works for some people. Other people are too scared to make it pass. Fear will control you, but all you have to do is not believe fear. Fear is there because it wants to verse you in competition and always win. It is making you less brave. Fear also controls adults, but adults push that fear away and believe it’s just something that acts like a scary thing. You should do that too. Push fear away to the side and change it with bravery. Always remember, Fear is a liar. 

Fear has another way to say it.  Can you guess? It starts with an A, ends with a Y, and rhymes with society? Don’t know? It’s anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or uneasiness. Many people face anxiety. But those people have made it through. 

Now you know all about fear. Fear is a liar. That’s all you have to remember from the story.


  1. Looking forward to many more life changing stories. Go Anya!!! Pinni is proud to comment on your 1st successful blog. Keep up the great work my love

  2. Ananya, the way to narrated the story from the concept of fear to mapping to a person to conclude that it is just a liar is extremely thoughtful.. I am really surprised by the matured writing ... way to go ... proud of you dear


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