BSFF: Best Sisters Friends Forever (A Short Story)

It all started on a Saturday morning, when the alarm clock rang. Anne Miller yawned and stirred in her bed. She reached out and slapped on the alarm clock. The clock abruptly stopped and clattered to the floor. Anne slowly got up and stretched her arms. She had a strong urge to throw the covers on her again, but right at that moment, a big bang sounded in the hallway. 

“Hey! Quiet down!” Anne screamed. She threw her covers off and stormed to the hallway. She threw open the door and stuck her face in the hallway. 

“Quiet!” she yelled again. 

Anne slammed the door closed, but the door stopped midway. Anne’s oldest sister, Megan, walked in the door, once again smiling and wearing her favorite clothes that annoy Anne.

Anne groaned and pushed her sister away. 

“Aww, c’mon Anne! Get the groove up!” her sister said, dancing. Anne sighed and walked to her closet. She shuffled through her clothes and picked a cat shirt and long jeans. She slipped them on and went to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Megan was searching in Anne’s room. She separated Anne’s toys and fiddled with her makeup. Megan gave up and waited outside Anne’s bathroom. 
When Anne stepped out, Megan asked her a question. 

“Where’s your crystal ball?” 

Anne gasped and immediately shook her head no. Megan dropped on her knees and begged. Anne backed up. She hates when her sister asks for her things.

“Anne, please? I have to call my friends!” Megan pleaded. 

“No, Megan. Only I can touch it, because someone special gave it to me. And by the way, my crystal ball is special.” Anne replied, ignoring Megan’s begging. Anne raced to her bed and lifted her pillow. 

Inside, a pale glow lightened up the minute when Anne lifted her pillow. Megan leaned closer to see a flashing light, then a slow red blinking light. 

Ann reached in and quickly grabbed a hissing cobra. Megan backed up, afraid, and Anne waved her hands. 

“Don’t worry. This is my pet, Slither.” Anne said, stroking the cobra's hood. Slither relaxed and wrapped herself around Anne’s neck. Megan exhaled slowly and inched closer to Anne.

Anne walked out of her bedroom, walking downstairs. Megan heard her mom scream, and Anne’s voice calming her mom down. Megan put on her best smirk and walked downstairs. She bumped into a storming Anne on the stairs, and Megan laughed. 

Megan reached downstairs and saw her mom panting and holding a box of sugar. Megan came over and hugged her mom. 

“Thanks, honey.” her mom said, brightening up. She steadied herself against the island, and walked to the stove to make the bacon and eggs. 

Megan turned her head to the stairs and saw Anne storm down. She scowled at Megan and sat on the farthest stool from Megan. 

Megan looked at her mom and Anne. They looked quite similar. In fact, they looked exactly the same…….

“Aquarium Aquatation!” Anne yelled. She pointed a stick and a big gush of water burst from it. 

Megan got thrown back and banged into the closet door. 

“Argh!” she yelled. She got up and shook her hair. 

Anne was smiling. She kissed her wand and put it next to her plate. 

“You better watch next time, sister, or you’ll get drenched!” Anne shouted, slyly reaching for her wand. Megan quickly ran upstairs and into her room. She burst into her closet and pulled on some fresh, dry clothes and quickly ran downstairs. 

Anne watched as her sister pulled on her socks, packed her things, and pulled on her shoes. Megan said a quick bye, grabbed her remaining breakfast, and hurried outside to catch the bus. 

Anne laughed and ate her last piece of bacon. She took her backpack and notebook and pulled her shoes on. The time was 8:20, so Anne opened the door and headed outside. Their mom packed her things and called her husband. Together, they drove off for their work. 

After School: In the night…
Anne and Megan both reached home at the same time. Anne reached for her dinner and ate it up. Megan ate her dinner in 10 seconds flat. The sisters’ mom, who had come back from work before them, carefully pulled Megan and Anne’s backpacks off and told them to go upstairs. 

Megan and Anne ran upstairs with the remaining strength they had and threw off their school clothes and pulled on their comfy PJs. Megan jumped into her bed and threw the covers over her head. Anne dragged herself into bed and cozily slept through the night without sleeping with the covers. Megan opened her eyes and gazed into a star’s twinkle. She smiled and closed them once again.